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New Services and New Gift Ideas!
Have an idea but are you nervous about
painting it yourself? Ask our staff to paint
the piece for you.

Want to create a keepsake for your child's
handprints or footprints? Let our staff do the
painting and we'll make a treasured keepsake
to cherish for years!

VIP Passes are great for anyone who loves to
paint! Our gift shards will give you ideas
about colors and what you can paint!

Summertime at Color Me Mine
Summer Tween Classes:
Tweens will plan, design, and complete larger projects while
various techniques throughout the week. Tweens will be given
a tour of the
studio on the first day of camp!
Ages: 7 and up
Fee: $250 (plus tax) per week per tween
Time: 1pm - 4pm
Dates: July 8th to August 16th
Minimum of 4 tweens to have class
Bring a snack Monday through Friday. Pizza will be served on

Take the week camp with your brother and sister, he or she
will receive 10% off for sibling discount!

Sign up by May 31st and receive 10% off!

Tween classes are for a minimum of 4 tweens.
Pre-registration and pre-payment is required.
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American
Express are accepted. In case of illness or
emergency, a child can be switched to a
different week - given there is space.
Check online for the weeks!Summer Savings Card:
Purchase a Summer Savings Card for all of your trips to CMM
this summer! This
means free studio rates all summer (June 1st to August 31st)!
Child Summer
Savings Cards are $25 and Adult Summer Savings Cards are $50.

VIP Passes
Become a VIP. Very Important Painter passes are good for one
calendar year & entitle the card bearer to free studio fees
and a
new special each month!

Adult passes are $75 and a Child pass(12 & under) is $50.

January- 20% off Christmas Trees with a $25 ceramic purchase
February - 10% Off Heart Ceramics with a $25 ceramic
March- Receive two packs of herb/flower seeds with purchase
of flower pot
April- Free Egg with a $25 ceramic purchase
May- Free Mom Mug with a $25 ceramic purchase
June- Free Dad Mug with a $25 ceramic purchase
July - 10% Off Birthday Parties
August- Free Ice Cream Bowl with a $25 ceramic purchase
September- Bring a friend to paint for FREE (studio rate)
October- Buy 1 ceramic, get the 2nd piece 50% Off! (2nd
ceramic must be of
equal or lesser value)
November- Free Add-on with a $25 ceramic purchase
December- Free Ornament with a $25 ceramic purchase

Handprint and Footprint:
Come in and put your handprint or footprint on a piece and
let us finish it for
you! There are tons of great ideas! Great for holidays,
gifts, thank notes, or
keepsakes. Around the holidays, we recommend making an

*$25 to finish per piece
*Price of piece chosen
*PA sales taxCommission Pieces:
Would you like a staff member to paint a piece for you? You
pick the piece,
colors, and design. We will create a professional
masterpiece for you. Call us at
610.558.2300 to discuss your ideas for any occasion.
Appointments are

*$25 an hour to paint the piece
*Price of piece chosen
*$4 glazing fee
*PA sales tax

Gift Ideas
Gift Shards:
Gift Shards are painted ceramic pieces that can be purchased
for a specific
amount. They are available in a variety of shapes and values.
The recipient will
bring the Gift Shard to the studio and spend the amount listed
on the Gift Shard.
We have dragons, flowers, cupcake tops, and many other pieces
that are
creatively decorated for you!Gift Boxes:
Gift Boxes are a great way to show someone you care! Choose a
piece valued up
to $19 and three colors! We will wrap them it up with some
brushes, a palette,
and a free glazing card! The person who receives the Gift Box
can paint at home
and bring it back in to have it glazed and fired. Gift Boxes
are $30.

Studio Address & Phone:
Color Me Mine
The Shoppes at Brinton Lake
100 Evergreen Drive
Suite 105
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania 19342

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Monday 11am-8pm
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